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Business 5.0 is all about business and how modern Internet technology can be used to improve people's productivity in today's competitive markets. In this section, you will find links to other sites we think could help you. Your comments or questions are appreciated.

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Internet Security
Today, Internet security is more important now than ever before. Secure Internet networks and business applications today are extremely vital to the smooth operation of any corporate IT network. For maximum protection, Internet will custom-design, integrate and protect all Internet infrastructures in your company, business, government agency, organization, etc., and significantly reduce the inherent possibilities of a DoS attack (Denial of Service) or any other attempt at your Internet data integrity. Internet Security's award-winning Proxy Sentinel™ is the industry's strongest, safest and most versatile Internet Proxy Server available on the market today. For the best Internet firewall or Proxy server, click here.

IT Industry News
Read the latest and most in-depth news there is on the IT industry with the Internet's most popular IT News Portal there is. IT Direction is updated many times a week and covers the complete Information Technology industry. What's more, IT Direction features a "IT News Story of the Week" section, where the most captivating IT news get special coverage.

Sun Hosting
In business since 1995, Sun Hosting is one of the largest discounter of professional Web hosting services in North America. Thanks to its ultra-modern, fully automated data centers and its high volume, Sun Hosting guarantees the lowest discounted prices on any Web hosting plan for any size business, company, organization or e-commerce
enterprise. Visit the Sun Hosting web site today by clicking here.

The General Center for Internet Services Inc. ( GCIS ) is one of Canada's leading web site designer and e-commerce application developer. In business since 1996, GCIS is the originator of the famous Web Store™ integrated e-commerce solution. Web Store™was designed for B2C (Business to Consumer) e-commerce and is the only B2C application available in an ASP (Application Service Provider) format, where businesses can rent it monthly and retain their valuable cash resources inside their company. (Note: The GCIS website is also available in french at

Internet Services Broker
The first of it's kind in North America, Internet Services Broker is the only place where you can find all your Internet services grouped all under one "virtual roof". Please click here to visit our website.

Site Clicks™
Site Clicks™ truly represents the very best is website measurement tools and analytic software for any size business, information portal, e-commerce or B2B platform. Loaded with versatile and powerful screen graphics, Site Clicks™ offers the best value in site analytical software. Learn more by clicking here.

Rank for $ales
Rank for $ales is a professional search engine optimization (SEO) firm, in business since 1997. If you are looking for an ethical SEO company that strictly adheres to all the rules of today's major search engines, visit the Rank for Sales website and have your site ranked high in the major search engines.

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Global Business Listing
In paid inclusion advertising today, the best paid inclusion search engine offering is Global Business Listing. Advertise your small business or medium-size company in Global Business Listing and significantly improve your return on investment. So far, about 600 companies have signed up for our service. Visit our website by clicking here.

escalate your sales to succe$$ with the best and most powerful blogging tools and applications available today from escalate. New ways of conducting agile business and new revolutionary communications tools such as Businessblog™ and other similar technologies have proven themselves to being extremely popular. Get all the facts by visiting the escalate website by clicking here.

Bottom Price Web Hosting
Get dependable, professional Web hosting at rock bottom prices from the reliable hosting people at Bottom Price Web Hosting. In business since 1995, Bottom Price Web Hosting offers peace-of-mind with quality Web hosting packages that will delight your budget. Visit our website by clicking here.

Search Engine Positioning
Have your website optimized for your most important keywords and search terms and get it listed high in the most popular search engines. The team of experts at Search Engine will work with you to have your website listed higher in the search engines, significantly increasing your Internet sales. Since 1998, Search Engine has been optimizing commercial websites of Canadian and US companies. Visit our website by clicking here or email us today for an SEO evaluation report.

Tech Blog
For the best IT-industry resource blog on hardware questions, software issues or news about the Information Technology (IT) industry, visit Tech Blog. Updated many times a day, Tech Blog currently benefits of 100,000 page views a day.

Web Services
One of the largest Web services company in Canada, My Web Services™ are the original developers and integrators of the Web Services Development Platform™. If your company needs faster time to market and substantially lower Web development costs, get the Web Services Development Platform™ version 2.0 today by clicking here.

Search engine news blog
Serge Thibodeau, Live is the best search engine news resource blog to keep in touch with the latest developments in the fast-paced world of search engines and news in the SEO industry. Click here to visit Serge Thibodeau's search engine news blog.

Wholesale Web Hosting
For the lowest-cost and quality Web hosting services, trust the hosting specialists at Wholesale Web and start increasing your ROI today. Our hosting plans start at a low $ 4.95 (Canadian currency) a month. Rewarding Reseller plans are also available. Visit our website today by clicking here.

For your daily news with a touch of humour, visit and you will always be in touch with all the international, national and local news as they happen.

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Montreal Web Design will implement a professional website for your business.
Montreal Web Design will build a professionally-looking website for your company, and do it at a really competitive price. Learn more by clicking here.

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