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July 2016 News Archives

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Jul. 28, 2016
C and Java share the top two spots

Jul. 28, 2016
HPE to go ahead with 2017 Itanium refresh

Jul. 27, 2016
WD starts testing its 64-layer 3D NAND

Jul. 27, 2016
Intel's E5-4600 CPU is a variant of its E5-2600

Jul. 27, 2016
Security issues discovered with LastPass

Jul. 26, 2016
Wireless keyboards not as safe as you think

Jul. 25, 2016
Reports of cyberfraud have doubled

Jul. 25, 2016
Two pieces of malware killed by white hats

Jul. 21, 2016
Mobile gaming and Augmented Reality trendS

Jul. 20, 2016
Microsoft to add 5 new features to its TCP stack

Jul. 19, 2016
A 15 year-old security issue is back again

Jul. 19, 2016
Does SFG malware has enough smarts?

Jul. 18, 2016
The FCC votes to open more spectrum for 5G

Jul. 18, 2016
Intel open-sources Linux driver

Jul. 15, 2016
Cisco patches 2 security vulnerabilities

Jul. 14, 2016
AT&T getting ready to release its VAS

Jul. 13, 2016
Miscreants pushing more Sundown malware

Jul. 13, 2016
Microsoft releases details on its Server 2016

Jul. 12, 2016
New security flaw discovered in Wordpress

Jul. 12, 2016
Government cancels BCT project

Jul. 12, 2016
Google suffered 211 min latency on Jun. 28

Jul. 11, 2016
IoT re-ignites demand for AL skills

Jul. 8, 2016
Malicious TLS traffic can be blocked

Jul. 7, 2016
Malware capable of pilfering Mac passwords

Jul. 6, 2016
Mysterious BIOS security flaw detected

Jul. 5, 2016
Improve your online security

Jul. 5, 2016
Vendors to stop developing for 32-bit?

Jul. 4, 2016
Lenovo has BIOS security issues

Jul. 4, 2016
New Locky ransomware detected

Jul. 4, 2016
StoreServ uses ASIC in some solutions

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