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April 2016 News Archives

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Apr. 29, 2016
A preview of Windows Server 2016

Apr. 28, 2016
SanDisk upgrades its Z-400 SSD

Apr. 28, 2016
XenProject to patch its hypervisor

Apr. 27, 2016
IT CEOs urge Congress to boost computer training

Apr. 27, 2016
Apple to build new data centre in Ireland

Apr. 26, 2016
MIT to offer a code bug bounty

Apr. 26, 2016
Intel to help Microsoft improve its code

Apr. 25, 2016
Data on 93m Mexican voters was leaked

Apr. 22, 2016
Developing for Office 365 isn't new

Apr. 21, 2016
VA TurnKey Linux 14.1 has launched

Apr. 21, 2016
Australia launches new IT security strategy

Apr. 20, 2016
Hackers exploit 4 RTF vulnerabilities

Apr. 20, 2016
400m vulnerable Android devices in the open

Apr. 19, 2016
Ransomware now moving to schools

Apr. 19, 2016
Google discovers many compromised sites

Apr. 18, 2016
MIT designs a better code interpreter

Apr. 15, 2016
Google nixes Chrome support on Windows XP

Apr. 14, 2016
Intel drops ESXi in critical upgrade

Apr. 13, 2016
USB Type-C gets new authorization spec

Apr. 12, 2016
Microsoft needs to reconsider this

Apr. 12, 2016
Can Ubuntu legally include ZFS in Linux?

Apr. 11, 2016
ICANN responds to angry letter from Congress

Apr. 11, 2016
SQLIS flaws hits the legal segment

Apr. 11, 2016
Citrix to crowdsource its training

Apr. 8, 2016
Adobe rushes to patch Flash Player

Apr. 7, 2016
MS: Cloud App Security App now online

Apr. 7, 2016
EMC nixes its Documentum division

Apr. 6, 2016
Doctors at risk of leaking medical data

Apr. 6, 2016
MariaDB to release data analytics engine

Apr. 5, 2016
Samsung makes RAM chips using 10nm process

Apr. 4, 2016
Huawei's IT revenues grew 44% year-on-year

Apr. 4, 2016
Optus fixes security flaw in its routers

Apr. 4, 2016
FreeBSD launches its 10.3 version

Apr. 1, 2016
Hackers can hijack sophisticated drones

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